DuoFresh® is the innovative solution from Intercarta® that uses a unique technology to bond paper and high-density polyethylene film to protect and keep food fresh and tasty for longer, good for your customers, good for your business.

DuoFresh® embraces food to protect and preserve it.

DuoFresh® consists of a high-density polyethylene film, laminated to a sheet of paper (virgin cellulose, without the addition of optical brighteners), ensuring maximum safety, quality, integrity, and freshness to the food.

Eco-Friendly, 100% recyclable.

Protects and maintains the integrity of food.

Freshness and flavor for longer.

Perfect for storing, great for consuming on the spot.

100% recyclable. Good for the world, good for your business.

In addition to the advantages of using a product with a lower environmental impact, DuoFresh® is eco-friendly, which means that this type of choice generates a positive perception of the establishment with its customers.

Good now, good anytime.

Whether for immediate consumption or for storing and preserving freshness and flavor for longer, DuoFresh® is an innovative solution that takes care of food and the world, embracing, protecting, and preserving.

Save up to 95% of space in your inventory.
DuoFresh® is an efficient alternative that takes up little space, representing a cost-saving logistic solution and, therefore, a better cost-benefit ratio, especially when compared to styrofoam trays.
High technology for your business advantage.
Em virtude dessa combinação única de fatores, DuoFresh®, além de melhorar a experiência de consumo de seus clientes, preserva por mais tempo as características do alimento, aumentando as chances de fidelização.
DuoFresh® is also a great marketing tool.
DuoFresh® can be customized with your company's brand, making it an excellent means of promotion, increasing the chances of consumer engagement, and even bringing your brand into the consumer's home.
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Good for Supermarkets

Supermarkets and bakeries uses DuoFresh, replacing deli paper, to pack sliced ​​cold cuts.


  • 30% faster customer service
  • Greater brand exposure
  • Preservation of flavor and freshness of food for longer
  • Versatility of use: can also be used in fish and meat departments

Great for Food Service

Burger places, diners, and fast-food chains uses DuoFresh, replacing wax paper and parchment paper for wrapping sandwiches.


  • Better consumption experience
  • Greater brand exposure
  • Maintains the original characteristics of the product (temperature, assembly)
  • Less napkin consumption

Ideal for Gourmet Kitchen

Pastry shops and bakeries uses DuoFresh for wrapping cakes and pies.


  • Better presentation of food
  • Greater brand exposure
  • Better consumption experience
  • Preservation of flavor and freshness of food for longer.

Less space occupation and better cost-benefit ratio.

Customizable, therefore, it is a great marketing tool.

We produce more, deliver faster.

Original and patented product.

Start saving now.

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