Pioneer in laminated paper for food and leader in the segment for over 30 years

It embraces food to protect it.

DuoFresh® is an innovative solution from Intercarta® that protects food and the world with care.

Good now, good anytime

DuoFresh® uses a unique technology to bond paper and high-density polyethylene film to protect and keep food fresh and tasty for longer.

Good for your business

Good for you and your family

Approved by CETEA/ITAL and in compliance with ANVISA

DuoFresh® is a laminated paper approved for direct contact with food, according to the guidelines of CETEA/ITAL (Packaging Technology Center/Food Technology Institute from Brazil), a public institution that conducts research, linked to APTA (São Paulo Agency for Agribusiness Technology), of the Department of Agriculture and Supply of the Government of the State of São Paulo – Brazil.

Intercarta’s products complies with ANVISA regulations, meeting the total migration limits established by Resolutions No. 105/99 and RDC No. 51/10 and Ordinance No. 177/99.

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